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Our Founder’s Story

As the end of 2019, I gave birth to the most beautiful set of twin girls the world has ever seen (I’m definitely biased). The joy of bringing my precious little bunnies into the world gave me such pride and joy.  However, the reality of my new body, my new responsibilities, and my new normal made me feel overwhelmed.  I lost a huge part of myself in the aftermath of birth and trying to hold onto my pre-baby identity didn’t create sufficient space for me to be a woman, an innovator, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister.  For the first time in my entire adult life, I felt lost and very out of balance.

As I slowly leaned into fitness in order to rebalance my physical, mental and emotional health, I found the products severely lacking.  Fabrics were itchy, they didn’t stay in place, and I quickly grew exhausted by waist trainers.  One sleepless night, I found myself in the basement altering my nursing bras and leggings to be more functional.  With encouragement from my amazing husband and rockstar mother, I have refined my homemade samples into fabulous products to support you along every phase of your journey.

Hang in there MAMA. You’ve got this.